segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

There is no happy ending..

Once apon a time, there was a little girl, brown hair, blue eyes. It looked like she had it all: a family, all that she wanted, friends and a good life, at least she thought she had...
She always tried her best to impress people. She used to had great grades at school, she tried to do everything she could to make them proud of her, but for her father that never seemed enough, and that little girl didn't know why, until she was 13 when in a middle of one of the inumerous fights her mother accused her father that he never wanted their daughter. He said it was true at least the time she was born. The girl listen all the fight from her bedroom saw her world falling down. She cried until there was no more tears to cry, and then she understood why her father always screamed with her, why he treated her like she was useless. She felt abandoned, betrayed by her own father.
That was the beginning of her cold and insensitive personality, that was the beginnig of her acting life.
She grown up, knowing that her father didn't saw her born, didn't saw her growing up inside her mother, she grown up knowing that her father "wasnt ready for her".
Time passed by, but things didn't change: he always screamed with her, he treated her like she was useless, but, that little girl with 15 years old continue trying to impress her father, to show him that she isn't useless and that she's a good girl and need his love too. But nothing changed, it became worse. She told her father she wanted to be a model and he said "this is too difficult for you. You will not make it", her mother instead, tried everything she could for her little girl be a model, but the girl gave up of that dream, she was consumed by her father's words. She told him she wanted to be an actress but he said "How can you be an actress if you never acted anywhere", this time he was wrong, she acted her whole life... but once again, she gave up that dream. She gained courage and one night she said what she had to say, that she is human and need love too, that it looked like he didn't care about her, that he was selfish and she was sick of his attitudes. 
From that night things actually changed, at least for a while... 
Now, that girl who started beliving in life when she was 9 years old, became a teenager with 16 years old. Everything came up like her childhood. Her father wasn't ready for her, and her mother wanted her too much. Her father scream with her all the time, treat her like she is useless and he crush all her dreams, but now, she isn't alone. Her mother loves her and defend her, her boyfriend tells that everything will be okay even when they both know that nothing will be okay <3, and the brown hair, blue eyes girl, said its enough! She just do want she can, she do the things for her and not to impress anyone else, and she will fight for her big dream, even if it has to be by herself. She may fail, but at least she tried.
About the father and the girl? Well, they always will be fighting, blaming each other for their pain, even knowing that he learned how to love her and she learned how to forgive his words, but for this story, there is no happy ending. 


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  1. you will never be alone I will ever be with you even if we were in oposite sides of the word

    love you BFF and will ever love <3

  2. i want you happy as no one, so..
    it will always be a happy ending
    or better
    ther is no ending
    Cause CandL is like
    Love&hate = impossible to be over
    our frindship will be for ever alive and happinesse will take us to the kingdoom of heaven <3